Flor de Caña

Only an hour away from the Surf Camp, the Flor de Caña museum holds the history of one of the most prestigious rums in the world. Since 1890, Flor de Caña has been a part of Nicaragua’s history. Enjoy the rum tasting tour and learn a little more about this brand. Cost: $55

Nightlife in León

Enjoy the nightlife in one of the most beautiful cities in Nicaragua. It’s one of the most important cities in the country. A city of awe-inspiring churches, fabulous art collections, stunning streetscapes, cosmopolitan eateries, fiery intellectualism, and all-week, walk-everywhere, happening nightlife. Cost: $55

Ours Services also Include

Surf board rental $10/day
Paddle board rental: $10/day
Kayak rental: $10/1-4 hours
Horseback Riding: $15/hour
Yoga/Metidation: $15/session (From 6am to 6pm)
Fishing Tours: $60/4 hours
Surf Lesson for beginners: $25